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31 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS!! Healthy + Easy!!

  1. Omg Remi is the best at cooking and everything ☕️🔥💐🍨💚🌺🦋💙💛📓💜🎈💕💍🍍🎉🍎💖💗❤️

  2. I like how people just add beans and cheese to something and have the audacity to call it a "taco" or "Mexican"

  3. My everyday diet
    Breakfast – I mostly have no breakfast because I have no time
    Lunch- salad
    Snacks- chips, coke aka absolute trash
    Dinner- Taco Bell 🔔

  4. When you want to pack healthier things for your school lunch, but you know damn well people would just think you're weird

  5. Can you pls!!! Do a Grocery list video!!!! I love all your videos especially your healthy food videos would be very helpful!!

  6. Tip so that the wrap doesn't rip so easily is to use two wraps. So wrap it once like how remi did it and then wrap it one more time 🙂

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