Auto-Immune Protocol: 2 Years Later | A Thousand Words

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36 thoughts on “Auto-Immune Protocol: 2 Years Later | A Thousand Words

  1. Corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini etc have lectins, that’s why they affect you. They are small doses of poison in our tummies and seep out from our leaky guts and we flare up. My Hashimotos was brought on by extreme stress and adrenal fatigue as well and now I’m backpedaling trying to heal the cause not the affect. It’s our bodies screaming for some self care finally.

  2. Autoimmune disease comes from eating things that have a very similar amino acid profile to humans, ie any mammal. If you eat mammals/chickens/eggs, you are at risk and putting your genes at risk for your children. Please read How Not to Die and How Not to Diet.

  3. It’s basically paleo minus anything that brings you joy! 🤣🤣🤣 perfect way to describe this – I’m 1.5 months in – and the grieving processes is real!

  4. Thanks for Sharing!!
    Were you had thyroid nodules too?
    If yes, how solved the problem.
    I am due for thyroid scan. And autoboies increased.

  5. Did you have or still have a holistic doctor to guide you? If not, you just worked the energy kinesiologist? Thank you

  6. Thanks for the info,
    Did you notice if sleeping early affects your AI?
    I work at night and I think it caused my issues.

  7. Ik exactly what you mean by "repeating the same food" over and over, it was very very hard for me to start the aip protocol, but its been 5 months now and i got used to eat. Altho sometimes i still feel that its very hard to have food always done cus ive to prepare/cook everything in advance for example soup for breakfast.. or try to have left overs dinner for breakfast.. its so hard
    I can't eat a lot of things actually i think its better to say what i can eat rather than the huge list ive to avoid.
    I started this protocol because i've Disidrosys eczema , its doing much better now but its still not controled. I hope in the next 6 months i can reach normal hands again 🙂 even if it means eating the same thing over and over.
    About the rice: I react to normal white rice, but im ok in eating whole rice or wild rice , weird

    BTW!! Have you tried the pee/lentil/cheeck pea pasta? tehy're amazing for a "fast" meal, srsly and they are rly tasty..!
    But make sure the pasta you're buying is 100% pea/lentil/cheekpea "flour" , cus many brands disguise nusty ingredients behind it, like.. corn flour potato flour and stuff

    hope these pasta option helps you! it helps me a lot when im on the run to work ^^! they only take 6 mnts to cook!

  8. What you have taken in micrograms. ..please name. .for reversing autoimmune diseases, ..
    Now a days matter of concern. .please reply

  9. Most doctors of classical medecine don't take auto-immunity (diets) seriously in any western country. Only a doctor in functional medecine (and maybe holistic medecine as well) is able to deal with this. I'm so happy i found one! Love and courage to all

  10. Can I eat chicken in autoimmune decease ( having scarring alopecia) what Indian food n spices I can eat plz help

  11. Way to go Sister : ) Actually, meat isn't so good for auto-immunity, because hard to digest for a weekend digestive tract; if ever, chicken is best. As far a si'm concerned, i had tu cut off al the nightshades, not only tomatoes… Good courage to all!

  12. am so glad I found you. Thank you, so helpful and informative. Have Hashimoto's too. Just want to share, Peanuts and Pistachio's are not tolerated by us because they are the two type of nuts that carry a certain fungus, thus cause nut allergies. Also, any tomato product needs to be organic, unfortunately tomatoes are produced by spraying high levels of chemical pesticides. Have now begun to use only ORGANIC produce for all vegetables.

  13. I'm on AIP and it's super hard. You can still have some treats. Just not everyday. Gluten free donuts aren't horrible

  14. So I just described to your channel watching this one made me relations we have the same things in coming so I will be looking at the rest of your videos and as of December I've been diagnosed so fibromyalgia which I kept saying are you guys sure that it's not Adrenal fatigue my next step is to see a Natural path Doctor

  15. Becky Al-Ghazaali January 24, 2020 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    Diagnosed with graves “desease” three weeks ago. About to do everything I can to avoid anything conventional including AI diet. Thank you for your honesty. You give me hope.

  16. Hey, thank you for sharing this information with people, I've been on the AIP diet for 2 month now, recently I tried to eat some chia seeds, I felt extreme migraine for two days, never thought it was the chia! However, I think that the conventional paleo works for my lifestyle, I have tested peanuts before and I didn't have any bad reaction but then I found that it's not paleo, now that you're saying you've successfully incorporated rice, I feel encouraged to try other things, of course it's not gonna be gluten, because regardless of Autoimmune diseases, it's very damaging and dangerous.
    Btw, have you ever tried intermittent fasting, a lot of practitioners and doctors think it's very beneficial for the gut and overall health.
    Are you still on the immunosuppressive medications ?
    Thank you again anyways!

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