Atta Dosa Recipe – 2 Minute Healthy Indian Breakfast – CookingShooking

In this video, we’re making a very Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipe, which is a Crispy Dosa made using Whole Wheat Flour, aka Chakki Atta. This quick & easy recipe takes only 2 minutes to prepare,…

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45 thoughts on “Atta Dosa Recipe – 2 Minute Healthy Indian Breakfast – CookingShooking

  1. Thanks for the recipe, but eno aerates the batter, rather than fermenting it. Actually, this version is less healthy than the traditional way, where actual bacterial fermentation occurs, predigesting the batter for us.

  2. Damn man! Awesome. I also make some kind of chilla or something with a variety of soaked dals and sooji, and it tastes amazing. I'll try this easier, shorter dosa recipe, looks so perfect!

  3. Eating an Elephant one bite at a time January 5, 2018 at 1:00 am - Reply

    Nice recipe. I will try this tomorrow for breakfast. I have tried many of your recipes and all turned out to be super tasty. Last weekend only I tried your Gobi Manchurian recipe and it was too good and simple to cook. Thanks for sharing all these recipes.. 😊

  4. This is the worst dosa i have ever eaten. i just tried this recipe. Please don't try this recipe😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  5. Hi Yaman … Ive Just subscribed yesterday to try this first recipe… absolute runaway success! So easy and quick and 100% delicious and great tips from you. Keep it up !

  6. good one yaman…..can u make a video on how to make south Indian chutneys….right from coconut chutney to malagapudi

  7. Please tell how to make instant rice flour crispy dosa like street and poha like steets or dhaba style JAISE banana sikhaye

  8. I don't know how you prevented that lump formation. I tried to make this but just couldn't get rid of the lump formation.

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