APPLE BREAKFAST RECIPES ‣‣ 3 easy & healthy breakfast ideas

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31 thoughts on “APPLE BREAKFAST RECIPES ‣‣ 3 easy & healthy breakfast ideas

  1. Alyssa is considerate of the fact that most of the people who view her content are vegans she puts it in the description to specify yeah just a note

  2. Hi Alyssa, I wanted to let you know that I made the apple french toast muffins yesterday. They were so delicious!!! I will make the banana bread next. Thank you for your recipes : )

  3. This is really good apple recipies, but i would consider theese desserts and not breakfast because they are not very healthy…

  4. Do we have to use so many flours or will 1 work? Can we substitute the eggs for flax eggs(vegan here), what can we substitute the coconut oil with? Trying to eliminate oil.

  5. Thanks for always making us wonder what you have next in store. I'll definitely try this apple recipe, possibly the pancake!

  6. Pancakes…bread…pancakes…bread – UGH can't decide!!! Both look delicious! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try BOTH!!

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