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31 thoughts on “A Week On The Military Diet DAY 4

  1. 1500 calories a day isn't a diet, that's more than my average day. The only time I'd be over that would be if we went to a diner or something with friends. And I'm rarely hungry between meals. It's more about WHAT you're eating, especially if you get sugar cravings…fruit is great for that! And drinking lots of water.

  2. I like Marmite sandwich 🥪 👍 BUT only when my English friend make it for me 😜 I don’t know… when I try make it… all time is not tasty 😜😂

  3. Mike! Me and my girlfriend love the videos, keep up the great work! 🙂 I was thinking: now that Tesco have basically turned their 'Everyday value' range into the 'Hearty Food Co' range, maybe you could do 'a week on' that and see if it's any better than their Everyday Value food?? All the best!

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