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24 thoughts on “A Week On The Military Diet DAY 1

  1. wht a stupid diet, like cook the tuna heat it up with tomato (very tiny calorie) or hot sauce sale pepper etc diets fail because they are stupid

  2. Your wife needs to keep your fridge stocked with more bulk food items such as frozen chicken breasts, and such so your not paying $2+ for one piece of chicken breast…. just my opinion. Women are so much better at shopping than men.

  3. Erm, we certainly are big on peanut butter in the UK, speak for yourself lmao. Peanut butter toast is a staple of me and most people I know.

  4. Steps to making a fad diet:
    1. Make up a stupid gimmick and name so it is memorable.
    2. In some way restrict calorie intake to below expenditure to ensure weight loss.

  5. Why is it, that I get the feeling American canned goods are so much better than U.K. canned goods?

    7:50 "I can have 85g, which is about half of this breast.." when clearly the breast stated 300g. I think your math is off.

  6. Anyone can tell me if he lost weight??? Cause this diet looks like BS to me.. I'm just here cause my friend told me she wants to do this because she love carbs. I'm doing keto for a year and seen tremendous results.!!

  7. You claimed you in born in the "North of England" … Look it you lying git. Don't claim shit when you are born from Southern Eastern England. North of England starts from South Yorkshire to the Scottish borders. Try it again!!!

  8. Mike please take basil to the vets. My cat had a stomach like his and it was bowl cancer. Just to be safe. Please. we all love him and would not want him Sick thanks. I know you love him too x

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