9 Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

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45 thoughts on “9 Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

  1. The banana pancakes recipe doesn't work for me, in the video seems so beautiful but in the real life was a fail
    Tell me what I do wrong?

  2. Tried the pancakes. They taste like shit as is. Had add brown sugar, salt and corn starch. Also cook on low temp or outsides will burn.

  3. Me: let's try doing whatever this is

    makes the quesadilla thing

    Me: Done! What's next!



    Me: I'd rather go to Taco Bell and get one in 3 seconds than wait 3 months to get a pice of tortilla with cheese inside

  4. Finds something that looks tasty: doesn't find ingredients at home or is too hard to make.
    Finds something that doesn't look tasty: finds all the ingredients in home and really easy to make. Really?

  5. hi i have posted "eggless peanut butter Tooty-Fruity Cakein microwave" on my channel.. please visit and subscribe if you like.. it will mean world to me ☺️

  6. Me and my friend were watching this and when it said freeze up to a month she said "that's a long time to wait for one burrito"

  7. Me: Wow, Tasty finally uses new recipes in their compilation videos!
    Next: Sees a whole bunch of videos that have the EXACT SAME THING…

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