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45 thoughts on “8 Healthy Egg Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. I've tried so many of your recipes and they're fantastic! Changing my diet and I feel great, thank you for your easy and delicious recipes. Been searching for solo/healthy recipes for such a long time. 👍🌹😀🍁

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  3. takes stupid white Americans to use one tiny garlic grain to cover an entire dish!!!! And they wonder why their food is so bland😩

  4. It's ridiculous that you don't use the eggs whole!!! The yolk is not fattening at all, it's just a stupid myth, the yolk contains lots of healthy nutrition, including proteins and vitamin D, which are essential for a healthy diet, and you're throwing it away???!!!!! Wow!!!

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  6. They are good ideas, but for me it would need more flavor. Put herbs into the olive oil. Especially for the salad dressing that needs more flavor. You could turn that egg into a salad dressing with the olive oil and some lemon juice. Don't forget herbs add flavor without adding many calories.

  7. YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! There are so many times that I really don’t have the time to add all the kcal together and I click on your channel to save time! Thank you so much! Almost nobody else gives you all these nutrition facts on the internet! And for those who don’t care about NF, please stop writing about put some oil more, that’s a small amount and blah blah blah! Watch the things you like and criticize your own tries first!

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