BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! 7 EASY VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH BOX IDEAS! Kid friendly, NUT FREE, healthy, and totally delicious! One of many vegan meal prep …

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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! I’d also like to mention that these are not intended to be specific “portion sizes” for myself, or for anyone, and you should eat as much as you need to feel full and satisfied throughout the day 🙂 IF you enjoyed this video please give it a THUMBS UP/LIKE (let me know if you’d like to see a breakfast version) & SHARE it with someone who you think might enjoy it! Much love xx

  2. Maddie, Thank you so much for the nut free recipes. My daughter has peanut and tree nut allergies! Your ideas are creative too. I will definitely be making these!

  3. You are so humble and sweet and I love watching your videos they are so educating and interesting, we need more people like you in this world

  4. This burguer's name is funny to me because pinto is another word for penis in portuguese LOL
    I know, very mature of me

  5. Omggggg I want all of these! please make more videos like this maybe like once a month? That would be so helpful for me with work

  6. Having just gotten back to school and it being the first year i don't have a meal plan this video is great and has added ideas to my list!! thank you!!

  7. hey Maddie! so I'm anemic and I'm also lacking in vitamin B, but I'm vegan, so what foods should I/do you eat to avoid those complications?

  8. Ooh thank you for this video! I've been wondering what to do with quinoa. I have a bag that I bought a week ago and it's just sitting there. I guess it's sort of like rice huh? where you just put stuff over it? Awesome quality of the video and the cat was so so so cute!

  9. Such good editing and the recipes look delicious – but honestly it just isn't that fun when you don't even describe which spices you are using. The granola bars – it was impossible to even deduce what the ingredients were. I know you are making an eBook and that is most likely the reason as to why you are so secretive, but I think you should work on finding a balance between being secretive and actually informative of the BEYOND DELECTABLE creations you are making. xxx

  10. Hey maddie, I'm actually allergic to hemp seeds, do you think that using silken tofu instead for the dressing could work??

  11. marianna mariannaki September 11, 2017 at 8:16 am - Reply

    i am not vegan but i love your videos and i have try some of the recipes and are really good!!! greetings from Greece!!!

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