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46 thoughts on “7 RECIPES WITH POTATO FOR THE WEEK! Vegan +Easy

  1. Hey idk if you’ll see this comment but keep up your good work people are hating on you but don’t listen cause not everyone can do what you do! Your pretty, funny, and creative keep it up!!

  2. Bravo girl! U raised my mood. I also love potatoes. Full of minerals and has a lot of potassium that helps in loosing weight( when u have a healthy diet ) . Great ideas! Romanians love potatoes 🥔

  3. This is the first video I've seen of you. I like that crazy and fun side of you. Oh yes, and the recipes were good too.

  4. Exploding pyrex or anchor hocking glass baking pans on YouTube! Do a search. Make sure yours are borosilicate, not the new cheaper soda lime glass that the new U.S. manufacturers are selling.

  5. It honestly wasn't that bad! Why are y'all getting mad at her for being HERSELF? Y'all need to chill! Enjoy the recipes 😛

  6. Alicia and Family August 12, 2019 at 5:05 pm - Reply

    Omg i tried ur potatoe salad n wow we loved it its gonna be apart of our family recipe i actually added extra like muchroom chopped and ht pickle it was yummmy n i added a meat season salt

  7. What is the green dip you paired with the potato turn overs? Thank you! Everything you make looks amazing I am just discovering you. I am a vegan cook myself and I do a few videos and recipes myself. I am in love with some of your recipes! They all look delicious and you make everything so easy and simple. Thank you!!

  8. Hi rawvana i love your chanel and gives me great vegan ideas all the time bur i have to ask how bad are your farts since all you eat are beans and greens all day

  9. This was hilarious Yovanna…i just loved seeing this whitty & quirky side of you. Gotta let that lioness out from time to time 🤣😗

  10. Potatoes get such a bad rep. They are the most nutrient dense food on the planet. These recipes are a great way to add potatoes to your diet. The only thing I would change is I don't use Almond milk In my mashed potatoes. I find even the unsweetened almond milk is sweet. I love how these recipes will inspire others to look at potatoes as a staple food.

  11. Rawvana looks like who I'm going to end up marrying in Australia, she's basically the same person & even looks like her (Ashleigh).

    I went to school with her sister in 1995 & they still like me 23 years after, the unusual thing is she's 20 years younger than me !!!!

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