7 Indian Lunch ideas (homemade Thali meals) | Indian Food Recipes

An Indian thali at home – well thats possible! A thali meal is essentially for anyone who loves variety. So I thought of sharing with you this everyday thali that you …

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37 thoughts on “7 Indian Lunch ideas (homemade Thali meals) | Indian Food Recipes

  1. बहन हिन्दी में भी बना लिया कर विडियो

  2. Ideas, presentation everything is great.But Please please do not use non stick vessels with scratches in them..they are silent killers with chemicals seeping into your food

  3. ורד מלאכי March 30, 2020 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Shweety,there is not bed without good.we closed at home's but at least we got you cooking .loooove this vid god bless your hands.
    Wish we pass this not good period as fast as possible.blesses and kisses

  4. Looks like you are kind of good chef at your regular kitchen 😅😀
    3 out of those 7 are made in my home too …… but not regularly …. depends upon family's mood 😂
    But handling the kitchen stuffs in these times is way too tough I must say ……. Lots of tensions regarding the disease and I'm not able to enjoy meals few days ago 😔
    But your suggestions are nice and healthy 👌👌

  5. This is how ghar ka khana need to be..simple, healthy and tasty. Great video Shweta. BTW I was missing achar on your plate but I know you don't fancy it so chalega 🙂

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