7 Healthy & Tasty Dinner Ideas for the Week (Vegetarian)

Quick, Healthy and Tasty Dinner Ideas after a tiring day at Office, School or College. Healthy and tasty Indian dinner recipes for the entire week. To get a custom …

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26 thoughts on “7 Healthy & Tasty Dinner Ideas for the Week (Vegetarian)

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  2. Mai ek sawal puchna chahti thi ki Meri maintainance calorie 2000 hai but agar Mai kisi biscuit ya food product k piche dekhti hu toh usme Jo unit hota hai kcal hota toh Kya calories aur kcal same unit hai…ya phir 2500 calories is equal to 2.5kcal please let me know

  3. Bhaiya can you please tell an alternative of coffe, because i drank 1 to 2 cup of coffee for studying at night and it is effecting my digestion system

  4. Hello mere parents ko dinbhar kam krne ke bad knee pain hota. Unke age 45-50 h. Vo paracetamol aur calcium ki tablet lete h?
    Fir bhi thik nhi h kyaa koi or optipn h??

  5. vishakhakomroth jayakumar December 24, 2019 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Hi nice video.. Pls upload part 2 with more recipes that is cooked by steaming.. Like idlies, idiyapams and also ragi Dosa.. Something like dat

  6. Problems faced by me dry scalp with full danruff itchy scalp with lots of lice and hairfall 😣😭 please help me out and give a solution for this problem I'm getting pimples in my scalp because of this danruff I'm loosing my hair I'm going bald 😭

  7. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Bhai aise hi video banate raho.. I regularly doing yoga and running for last couple of years nd after watching ur videos I m more energetic of doing my fitness goals.. thanks brother.. keep motivating πŸ‘

  8. Vivek, please make some videos for us who are not in India. Many products, earthenware etc are not available or are super expensive outside India. It'd be great if you could add some research on this.

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