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41 thoughts on “7 Delicious Sandwich Recipes For Lunch

  1. The Paninis look lie a great idea of you have guests over and have to make something quickly for them to sit around and eat – , like a Pizza alternative

  2. Interesting how the first one the beef mince filling goes from wet and gloopy to totally dry. Also, no way is that a tablespoon of olive oil.

  3. Tru North Vending April 25, 2020 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    Love the channel wondering if you can do a video on recipes on a flat top grill and on a bbq like sandwiches and stuff

  4. Wow cuanta gente negativa😳comentarios que no aportan sino negatividad, en fin en esta vida hay de todos Los colores y sabores, yo retengo lo bueno y deshecho lo malo 😃 mi madre siempre decia, si no tienes nada Bueno que decir mejor no abras la boca 🤐 cuanta razon tenia… En fin a mi me encantan Los videos kiwilimon… Gracias Por tu aportacion de recetas diarias. Me encantan😋😘

  5. I keep on watching all Twisted videos again and again because.. it's satisfying? xD (I wish I could taste any of these foods)

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