6 Best Healthy Chicken Recipes That Are So Easy To Make

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36 thoughts on “6 Best Healthy Chicken Recipes That Are So Easy To Make

  1. Dont see how the chicken salad can be 15 grams of fat cus olive oil any brand says 1 tablespoon is 14 grams of fat that not counting the chicken and whatever may contain fat. Ok never mind see its 1 teaspoon of olive oil not 1 tablespoon a teaspoon isnt much for flavor on that bland chicken and egg which the egg also has fat. Idk 15 seems low still for this.

  2. I came across your channel last night and I couldn't be any happier!! I have been eating fish, chicken, veggies, and brown rice and have gotten so bored of eating the same thing every day. Thanks for these videos I can't wait to try!!

  3. priyanga anbarasan December 2, 2019 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    Use olive oil for salad dressing or to lightly saute veggies! Since it has low smoking value, do not cook with olive oil! Coconut or gingely oil is good

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