5 Minute Breakfast | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

5 Minute Breakfast | Easy Breakfast Ideas | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Tofu Recipes | Tofu Recipes for Weight Loss | Easy Breakfast Recipes | Tofu …

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35 thoughts on “5 Minute Breakfast | Low Carb High Protein Recipes | Easy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Hi vicky tofu and mozarella chesse is same or not?? Im in france i dont know the name of paneer in French and im also search the markets but not available so i bought mozarella cheese but it was melted in heat.

  2. Hi mam i`am from India. I've belly fat. What can I take for lunch did you have any recipe for lunch please immediately reply me

  3. Nickie Rhodes-Hill January 19, 2020 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    Would you suggest adding an alternative protein source to the recipe if you are hypothyroid and have to avoid soy products like tofu? My suggestion would be salmon or another oily fish and perhaps a few slices of avocado?

  4. Hello! Thanks for all these amazing recipes and daily plans. What software do you use to edit your videos! ? Sorry for the unrelated question 😉

  5. It would be high in cholesterol as there are 2 eggs in it. What if we have been recommended to avoid egg yokes for high cholesterol

  6. Really very easy and delicious recipe. Sure i will make it for my family as i have thyroid so i cant use Toffo… Thanks for sharing 💕💕💕💕

  7. Hie vicky……..if u can plz REPLY ME… I am trying your dalia recipe… But can i add tomato and some spices… Plzz i need ans asap….

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