5 Lip-Smacking Mediterranean Recipes • Tasty

Leave mouths watering with these 5 sensational Mediterranean recipes. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: https://amzn.to/2GJ2xvv Subscribe …

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32 thoughts on “5 Lip-Smacking Mediterranean Recipes • Tasty

  1. Me: I want to eat healthier by eating more of this
    My mom: No. You do it yourself
    Me: fine I'll go to the store and try it myself
    The store: Nah, we don't got half this shit.

  2. that is…
    not gyros.

    -sincerely, a greeek
    (not saying people cant cook food from other cultures or anything, but don't call it gyros if it's not gryos. Don't call it falafel if it's not falafel. At least add inspired to the title or something,)

  3. Must be an American with no cooking skills. Also don't be offended USA, I've seen good cooks there. But please do keep getting fatter and destroying every other culture.

  4. Your hummus recipe is wrong we dont add cumin and u forgot tahini (sesame paste). And also your falafel recipe is wrong and the fatoush salad too plz rename the video or get a lebanese chef that can show or teach u how to do lebanese or mediterranean food

  5. polar bears are cute August 5, 2019 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    that hummus with just a tea spoon of sesame oil instead of 10x more tahini… and dare to call it 'classic'

  6. To all the people criticising the hummus recipe, please read (this is my experience with this video):

    Me watching video: Oooh Hummus recipe! I've always wanted to try making hummus! But tahini is so expensive in my country and if I try to make that AND hummus it will mean more clean up…WAIT! There's no tahini???? Classic hummus doesn't need tahini??? I've been lied to this whole time!!!!!!
    Reads comments
    Oh…so it does need the tahini.

    So thank you, people in the comments. You have saved me from a bad recipe.

  7. مشعآرفه شأحگي 😅
    الفلافل وآو حطلها خبز مبحبث ،،
    كل الوضفات تبلها وحطلها كومة بهارات وشغلات ومكونات في منها زياده (بس اضافه حلوة يعني💜✨) لحد الحمص !!" 😳😅 وت ذهل ؟!" شال الكمون والطحينيه وكومة أمور !!"
    بعدين شغله ثانيه بس مش متأگده منها .. گإني قرأت بالمكونات كلمه معناها (خمرة او بيره) ؟!" 4:44 white wine vinegar والا الانجليزي عندي ضربت
    بس بشگل عآم حبيت الفگرة 💜✨afrer all , that doesn't change that I'm one of your biggest fans !!"

  8. Please I warn everyone not to follow these false and made up recipes. These are not the traditional Lebanese Recipes

  9. Btw if you don't want to sound like an uncultured swine don't say gyro like j-eye-ro say it like g-ee-ro with a flipped r

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