5 Keto friendly Breakfast Recipes

Welcome! Thanks so much for clicking on this video. I hope you enjoy the content and get some ideas! Let me know if you guys try any of these recipes!

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12 thoughts on “5 Keto friendly Breakfast Recipes

  1. CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE -CANT STOP ME rona dupo May 21, 2019 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    Hey friend….I'm sorry for my vedio not so clear because I only use Samsung j5 for shooting my Veds 😃😃😃

  2. This was very interesting Karolina. It is more Low Carb, High Fat really than Keto. I have learned about Keto through Dr. Eric Berg. Apparently Whey Protein powder isn't recommended by him but in saying that, you have managed to increase your Kidney function by having it. Do you have yourself tested for Potassium levels to check if they get too high ? Tortillas are another item that isn't Keto even though it is low carb. Do you check labels for hidden sugars ? The label can say low in sugar or no sugar but if they are using a hidden sugar, it is usually written in the ingredient section. Your bottled ingredients are not available here in Australia so I will have to source recipes to make my own. Yes, a bit of a pain that it can't be more convenient for us Aussies.

  3. These look so good! I just ate & I'm hungry again! I love the idea for the riced cauliflower! Those egg muffins look good too! Can not wait to try these! Thank you again for Sharing 🤗💜💚💙

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