5 Healthy Meal Replacement Smoothies Recipes – Fruit, Veggies, Protein – Mind Over Munch

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42 thoughts on “5 Healthy Meal Replacement Smoothies Recipes – Fruit, Veggies, Protein – Mind Over Munch

  1. hi how do i take these to work..will an insulated flask work or just the glass ..there isnt a frige at work..pls help im new to the smoothie and also i need to lose weight and get healthy any suggestions pls help..

  2. You just won yourself a new subscriber!!! This is such an awesome channel and I love the screenshot option!! Thanks so muchโค๏ธ

  3. Particularly Hannah December 5, 2017 at 11:27 pm - Reply

    What are your opinions on going vegan or vegitarian? I weigh only 114 so i don't need to l9se weight, but i want to change the way I eat on a college budget aka $20 a week. Is there a diet you suggest. My meals are provided by the school I attend but they are super unhealthy. There is however a salad bar with fruit and veggies suggestions?

  4. Omg your ideas for these smoothie mixes are genius!!! I tried the sweet potato pie smoothie and I loved it!! Keep making these amazing vidsโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  5. This is one of those videos I thought was cool but not for me because like you I like to eat my food x But my boyfriend has glandular tonsillitis and cant eat any solids, which has been a nightmare trying to get his the energy he needs, and their is only so much soups can do (although we LOVE soup) x This video was perfect and I've been making these for his breakfast or lunches and it's been a life saver! Thank you! Never thought I'd make these but they are perfect who someone who is ill and unable to eat x did you think that would be a great use for these smoothies? :p xx

  6. I found my blender isn't powerful enough to break up oats all the way in a smoothie (it comes out splintery), so I've been experimenting. Last time, I got good results by grinding the oats into a fine powder in a coffee grinder, then adding enough water to moisten and letting it sit in the fridge for a while to let it absorb. It made a nice sticky paste that blended right in and was easier to digest. Next time I want to see what happens if I just blend in the powder, skipping the water step. Don't know if that will affect the digestibilty or not.

  7. I tried making the proOATtien smoothie and mine came out sooo gritty =/ made it very hard to drink. Could I just not have blended it long enough?

  8. hey I wanted to ask you any tips to avoid unwanted eating like if everyone is eating pizza around me I feel like eating that even tho I have eaten my meal

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