5 Healthy MEAL PREP Ideas | Back-To-School 2017

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44 thoughts on “5 Healthy MEAL PREP Ideas | Back-To-School 2017

  1. The best meal plan that i have seen, great recipes, variety. This one i will do. Thank you very much. Can you share breakfast & dinner?

  2. Are all these to be eaten cold ?? Or can they be put in microwave I am asking due to the salads that come with the meals

  3. Please make some more of these meal plans! Looks delicious! I will try them all but with variations to fit my taste. Thank you for these! 🙂

  4. OMG!!!! Your ideas give me fresh air in preparing my lunch…. I love you so much…. Thank you… BTW I love your hair and your fresh make up…. 1000 kisses for u….

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  6. The thing with back to school meal preps are that all your friends are going to eat your food. If it looks good everyone is gonna ask for a piece

  7. I found your chanel today. I love your videos. I have shared your chanel in 3 of my groups, with few thousand of members..😉
    keep up the healthy videos.

  8. that american pronunciacion of salmon really sounds like semen. but I love the recipes. very close to my cooking and still inspiring

  9. Cant wait to buy your books! I'm not feeling the quinoa would probably replace it with couscous or brown rice. The recipes look beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing ☺

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