5 Foods For a Healthy Life

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45 thoughts on “5 Foods For a Healthy Life

  1. If you want to be healthy… go vegetarian lmao
    Or if you wanna go to the next step, go vegan.

    You'll feel ultimately better.

  2. UnknownHumanoid77 January 17, 2018 at 1:16 am - Reply

    I have a huge exam tomorrow and I still have to make a PowerPoint presentation but instead I'm watching this…

  3. To preserve the better of the oil it's better to not put salt inside. Try to put directly on the foods. Another healthier thing to do is wash the vegetables before cut them

  4. "5 foods for a healthy life"

    Tasty… 99% of your subscribers are here for the cakes and burgers. are you fat shaming us like im honestly offended. Im also offended that y'all wrote 5 foods instead of 5 recipes df

  5. Much more important than all the potentially healthy properties of salmon is the fact that it has a devastating effect on our environment. Media really have to stop spreading this "you have to eat fish" nonsense or there will be no fish left in the oceans.

    And just in advance … salmon in fish farms is fed with herring or other "cheap" fish. The conversion ratio is about 1:10. So please don't believe that farms are any better for the environment.

  6. @Tasty : because you are not a Indian you eat or cook these food items but I'm a Indian – From Kolkata who most probably don't eat these kinds of food …

  7. Can you do more videos with vegan recipes? My friend is trying to go vegan and wants to know how to cook for that lifestyle

  8. These look tasty! But kind of a no brainer… I would have just liked to see the recipes if that's what your trying to show anyways.

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