5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight in 30 Days

Life’s too fleeting to go on a strict diet just to lose those extra fats in you. The same as gaining pounds, losing some also doesn’t just happen overnight.

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44 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight in 30 Days

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  5. The Dime Experience February 7, 2020 at 8:33 pm - Reply

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  6. FrankieOnSBSIn144p! February 7, 2020 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    1 like = 100 situps a day untill i reach how many likes this gets. I will stop counting likes at end of march.

  7. ᔕ gαchα vιвєz ᔕ February 7, 2020 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    I am only gonna do this because we have a dance contest next month and they wrote the size of my costume "Small" when im twice that but i cannot tell them to change it cuz it's already made. so wish me luck lmao

  8. I'm not bragging or having self-confidence or anything but..

    I always find myself of having the cutest face in our squad (5 people). I was born 'thin' as in till grade 5. I fell apart when i instantely let my body let loose but i notice my body becomes a little heavy but i still thought 'that's fine i hv a cute face'.

    The funny part is at the home or precisely my room, i only have a upper mirror(literally a small one), which means i can only look at my face NOT my body. One day we took a family trip and chill at the decent hotel, and i look at the 'wide & long' type of mirror in my batheroom, and i realized how much i change througout the years and/or how much my friends saw me throughout the years. I gain weights when i was around 13 till now (i'm 15)

    My problems on how i gain so much is

    1. I can't resist my mother's cooking (she barely cooks when i was young, but started cooking more when i started high school) the cooking is GREAT, but not for my body.

    -my neighbourhood sucks. We live in a very high apartment,..no elevators. My surroundings only have small grocery stores.

    -transportation. Our family only have 1 car, and my father took it to work, he can't transport coz…work. so i took uber. And its EXPENSIVE from my home to my school. I always wanted to go to the gym, but the fare is too expensive and i don't want to bother my parents with the money.

    -I'm addicted to energy drinks(i eventually stop drinking it). Energy drinks make you fat. The worse thing is that i lay down when i finished drinking it, so it consumed. I bought them with my pocket money, my parents warned me about the drinks but i still secretly buy them and hide it then drink it overnight.

    Ps lol i still have a 'almost-straight' jawline coz the fat went to my thighs, face, stomach. BUT never my lower chin. I got a chubby face and a thick neck so it doesn't rly matter.

    me showing off wit my jawline on mirror

    the jawline is visible but the face fat literally almost cover my eyes

    And oh yh i have a neck posture, i gamed so..

    Basically its like having pretty face with overweight body.

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  10. 1 like = 1 Minute of Exercise for a Month

    I’ll be checking this comment again tomorrow for Final results. Pls like I need this

  11. Summary
    1. Eat high protein breakfast
    2. Avoid eating too much refined carbs
    3. Practice eating slowly
    4. Drink healthier beverages
    5. Get enough sleep every night

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  13. Some people eat so much much of unhealthy and junk food… But sadly they don't gain weight…. I am not one of those 😩😩 ….

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