5 EASY & DELICIOUS Back to School Lunch Recipes (Kid Lunch Ideas)

SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/divascancookfan HIGHLY REQUESTED! 5 easy, quick and delicious back to school lunch recipes! I don’t know about you but I …

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43 thoughts on “5 EASY & DELICIOUS Back to School Lunch Recipes (Kid Lunch Ideas)

  1. Jessica Grasser Grasser February 3, 2017 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    This is great your hilarious my daughter doesn't eat the other recipes from other videos with vegetables and homus cause that's it her thank u I will use all of these

  2. DO NOT USE NUTELLA to make it you need Palm oil for making it so they burn Palm forests and orangutans are endangered because of this so use hershey's spread

  3. Hi, just a little tip try to open the frito bag sideways that way you can fill the bag better I always make my tostilocos like that I will send you a video on FB so you can see. thanks for sharing this video all the lunches look so yummy. LOVE your videos

  4. Your hilarious unlike the others moms on here that take there kids lunches really serious like there going to a wedding

  5. Yes! So glad I found this. I hate seeing those stupid "healthy bts lunch ideas" they're not filling at all what so ever. Please make a updated one of these if you have any new ideas !

  6. finally a real lunch video! so many picture perfect lunches with so many fruits and veggies we wish our kids (heck even ourselves lol) ate. but not too realistic. this I can get down with!

  7. out off all the videos i watched i actually liked evey idea you had lol. its all practical and look great! not everybody has or can afford bento boxes so thank you!:)

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