5 Delicious, Healthy, Vegan Breakfast Recipes! ♡ – chanelegance

These are some of my most favourite breakfasts to make on an everyday basis & they are all colorful, beautiful and super healthy! If you recreate any of these, …

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44 thoughts on “5 Delicious, Healthy, Vegan Breakfast Recipes! ♡ – chanelegance

  1. Thank you so much for this video! Im slowly becoming a vegan, im currently still eating cheese and chicken, but i will eventually cut them out 🙂 im becoming a vegan for the purposes of my mental snd physical health, for the environment, and for the innocent animals being tortured

  2. My blender have the same problem ! But I figure out that it happens because there is no liquide ,you must add water ,juice or vegan milk

  3. Ok I'm starting to become vegan today, do I still need t,excersize, and are these actually began like none of those ingredients you can't pronounce

  4. I prefer my oatmeal with only milk and after I finished with cooking, I add other ingredients. Like chia, fruits. I don't really like when the fruits gets warm 😀 so I don't put fruits on top of the oatmeal, I put them to another plate. btw when you mix some dark chocolate with oatmeal, it's taste AMAZING. Maybe it's not the healthiest way (it's definitely not the healthiest way to eat oat), but it sure tastes amazing..

  5. people act like vegan foods are restraining, but all of this seems delicious and is healthy! definitely gonna try some of these.

  6. I love your recipes I found them really helpful as a beginner in a vegan diet they were really easy to follow along

  7. RachelLovesYoutube 201 November 15, 2016 at 1:54 am - Reply

    Yes! I made banana ice cream today and I can't believe it really tastes like ice cream but…Banana flavored lol!

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