4 Ways To Make Oatmeal Recipe Breakfast For Weight Loss

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18 thoughts on “4 Ways To Make Oatmeal Recipe Breakfast For Weight Loss

  1. Cmnon, no honey, no fruits! Put some cocoa powder, connamon, crushed poppy seeds, dried coconut, in any combination you like. Finish with milk, perfect healthy porridge. Sip a coffee with it. Repeat until you cannot do without it every morning. Once a week or on a special occassion, add a small spoon of honey or nutela, give to the devil what is his, but no more!

  2. how is this for weight loss when the amount of sugar exceeds the normal daily limit for a person. in true weight loss they tell you no sugar or less than 5 grams a day. Sugar equals fat.

  3. Try savoury oatmeal. Cook it in water only, add just a splash of milk to your bowl and top with a grind or so of salt and black pepper. Tastes good and cuts the calories. Fruit of choice can be added.

  4. You know you are good when you are able to cook an egg in the middle of your oatmeal, oh and the egg is basted. It takes many a try to get it right, but so delicious.

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