4 Simple And Healthy Pancakes – Homemade Pancakes

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39 thoughts on “4 Simple And Healthy Pancakes – Homemade Pancakes

  1. TheSeriousfitness March 16, 2019 at 11:36 am - Reply

    Guys for the chocolate chip pancake the 3th recipe the " 1 tsp salt" it was a mistake, it's actually 1/4 tsp. Sorry about that

  2. Sangeetha Senthil March 16, 2019 at 11:36 am - Reply

    Hai very unique and really healthy recipes I liked Ur videos I'm from India. Thank u for such nice recipes and calories amount shown shows u r an expert pls keep doing Ur great job

  3. Cool vid. I think the best thing to do is to use these as a guideline. I really wanna try the avocado n banana one, but I'm pretty sure I will have to add some oat meal or something and make my own version.
    Nonetheless, great stuff.

  4. Love ur recipes so much so great variety easy to make n most important nutrition facts is a bonus. Thank you for wonderful recipes. Can u please do some recipes with organic plant protein powder. Thank you.

  5. Thanks you so much for this recipes.. this is amazing.. I would definitely try this … M your new subscriber ❤❤

  6. Just made the peanut butter pancakes… OMG WHAT DELICIOUSNESS WAS THAT 😍 I might say better than normal pancakes ✌ You should try them 100%!!

  7. Peanut butter pancakes might be too much peanut butter for me cuz peanut butter is what I put on top of my pancakes. Lol. Like literally the only thing I put on top. Lol.

  8. How long can we store the batter in the fridge? Like, if im making them just for myself, so I just want one or 2 servings, can i store the rest for tge next day?

  9. hi just wondering! two of these pancakes are tasty recipes. the banana one is really common, but where did you get the peanut butter chocolate chip?

  10. The avocado eggs and banana one did not work out for me at all! It was not edible at all. I also showed the recipe to my grandma, she tried it and it didn’t work out either😓 it’s was a major fail, I guess the ingredients are different from country to another? Idk

  11. the portion sizes are tiny, that would no way get me through till lunch, no wonder the calories are much less theres basically no food

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