4 Plant-Based Game Changers Recipes

If you saw The Game Changers documentary, you’re probably looking for simple, delicious plant-based recipes! Look no further, you’ve found the right place!

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21 thoughts on “4 Plant-Based Game Changers Recipes

  1. How can you call these recipes?? There is literally nothing new or culinary about these. Just chuck of few things in a pan.

  2. I’ve made 2 and 4 – they were both very good. With 2 leftovers, I added chopped tomatoes and avocado and served as tacos. That was especially good.

  3. Although I love seeing you guys (and Sophie!) in the videos, this quick one really hit the spot for me in a really busy week. All these recipes look great and I’m LOVING the book.

  4. Wow! We are definitely going to make all these. Thank you for sharing! Also, agreed, the Game Changers was fantastic! It was a real eye opener.

  5. Question: Instead of eggplant for the rolls, could you use zucchini? Thanks in advance! BTW I'm loving these quick videos 🙂

  6. VirtueOfTheLessBrilliant February 16, 2020 at 8:34 pm - Reply

    Those black beans really fuck up my digestion farting every 2 seconds and cause fatigue. Definitely go easy on them if you’re body isn’t used to digesting them

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