4 Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes | Easy + Delicious Breakfast Ideas

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33 thoughts on “4 Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes | Easy + Delicious Breakfast Ideas

  1. Scrambled Eggs need Milk! Omelettes need Water, they each give a totally different end result. If you add Water to your scrambled you won't get rich & creamy and Milk in your omelette gives you denser & heavier custard type rather than a light & fluffy clouds of air. A simple but vital distinction taught to me years ago by a posh hotel's restaurant chef.

  2. I 'd love a good source of proteins, but , honestly, I'm allergic to egg. I'll be back tomorrow . Have a great day.

  3. jessica gonzales March 11, 2020 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    I tried the scrambled eggs on a tostada -oh my….love love love now i cant eat them any other way thank you

  4. I was recently suggesting eggs to my nephew who is just learning to cook for himself in college. They are so easy, versatile, and healthy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Italian sausage is a processed food. It’s has chemicals too. Increases your risk of cancer. How is that healthy?

  6. I love eggs with caramelized onios or with some sliced sausage or salami ♥️ but my everyday is just boiled or scrambled eggs

  7. I love scrambled eggs (the first meal I cooked for my brother & I when I was 8: scrambled eggs, toast and green peas) and these recipes look so Bomb! One thing I like, as a change up: stuff them in a pita/burrito with leftover rice and veggies. Then you have a "take along" breakfast that will satisfy! Thumbs Up!

  8. "You do you in the kitchen" – I love it! I really appreciate how you offer alternatives and empower us to substitute ingredients. I CAN'T WAIT to try all of these inspired scrambled egg ideas! 🍳🍳🍳

  9. I don't own an iron skillet; but, I like trying your recipes. I don't recall you ever mentioning the size of the skillet that you use. Could you please tell me what size skillet do you use or recommend? Thanks

  10. Cool, I didn't know that was the reason for the milk or water. Did you ever try a dash or 2 of cornstarch in your scrambled eggs? I run it through the blender.

  11. You should crack eggs on a flat surface. This allows the membrane to remain intact, and will help hold the small shell pieces when you break the shell open and let the egg fall into your bowl.

  12. omg the asian version looks delicious..ok i am gonna try each n every one..🙃😉 .thx for sharing Sarah..u are amazing !

  13. I love Mexican breakfasts. If you haven't tried La Real TOS TA DAS, I highly recommend them. They are crispy and gluten free.

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