Some breakfast ideas which are high in protein and will help keep you feeling satiated for hours! INSTAGRAM ➡ http://bit.ly/2tvR7AY Banana Choc Protein …

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29 thoughts on “4 Healthy BREAKFAST IDEAS for WEIGHT LOSS

  1. Why do these fitness vloggers use mostly spinach & kale to add to eggs? There are lots of other green leafy veggies tho. 🙄

  2. I haven't even watched this video and I'm already commenting…

    I'm sooo grateful for this because I need new breakfast ideass!!!!

    Thank you!!

  3. Can you sub Tofu for the turkey mince, and eggs in these recipes, will it have the same nutritional value and keep you satiated?

  4. This is great. I am allergic to eggs though and always trying to find good savory breakfasts that don't include eggs.

  5. So I started tracking my food intake on chronometer and it’s made me aware that I typically eat in a calorie deficit everyday even though I’m not trying to loose weight. I’m trying to gain more nutrients in my diet but I rarely wake up hungry so I intermittently fast unintentionally and I think it’s also because I don’t enjoy most breakfast foods. These are some great ideas for me to try though thanks!

  6. Hey Rachel! Nice video! Do you have any info/advise on fasting? Intermittent or other ways? I’ve read on ways it can help reduce insulin and weight loss and curious what info you have on it. Thanks!

  7. Hi Rachel ! Have you some advice of foods, vitamins, of someting against Hirsutism, ( face and neck zone) please ?

  8. Due to healthy issues I must live gluten and dairy free and I’m struggling to find the most balanced diet, it’s pretty frustrating. Btw love your videos! 🖤

  9. Thank you for adding that waking up hungry is good! I stop eating around 7pm naturally because I have a big dinner, make sure I’m satiated before bed at 9.30-10pm and wake up pretty damn ravenous most days and always wondered how people can wait until lunch time to eat 🤷‍♀️😯

  10. Loved the video ♥️
    Also, couldn’t get my eyes off of that simply beautiful dress and belt ( the way it is styled ) you’re wearing
    Xoxo 😘♥️

  11. Angebabe Gibson June 15, 2019 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    Sorry but I can’t do salty food in the morning.I am french dont kill me lol .But I love big bowl of sprouted oatmeal for dinner sometimes its so feeling and that drizzle of maple syrup makes it heavenly marvellous .

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