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22 thoughts on “31 One-Pot Recipes

  1. The broccoli recipe st the beginning made me hurl and couldnt watch anymore of the video. Who the fuck eats that crap??!!!

  2. Why is there so much Milk & Cheese in everything? –___– I would like to try these recipes without a stabbing pain of intolerance

  3. Ok, im stopping at about 7 minutes in caue its pretty relaxing and im tired
    Im on the fense about some of these being called one-pot meals. other than that, here's a tip for the road: using a potato peeler and not a vegetable peeler (they're different 😮 ) the skin on that butternutsquash will come off with much less fuss. the vegetable peeler is more for straight vegetables like carrots and cucumbers and are much less effective for curvy vegetables.

  4. This is just what I needed!! Thank you! I will start at #1 and go through the list, then start over again. This is going to be fun.

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