Today I decided to show you guys 3 simple and healthy meal ideas! I am obsessed with a handful of recipes and I hope you like them too! Give this video a …

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35 thoughts on “3 SIMPLE & HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS!

  1. Sorry, I don't mean to criticize but to inform: this is not really healthy, it is good to eat natural fats but that is way too much olive oil considering the aproximate amount of oil should be one tablespoon per meal, also the avocado and greek yogurt add even more fats. Even potatoes, tortillas or other starchy foods should be avoided for dinner, the best thing to eat in the night is protein and vegetables like in the artichoke recipe.

  2. +NikkiPhillippi It looks like you have blue hair in the intro! Blue hair suits you so much!!! AND you have a new subscriber… ME!

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