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35 thoughts on “3 SIMPLE and EASY Meal Prep Recipes

  1. Hi Whitney, I'm really enjoying your videos! I was wondering what food scale you use and if it's on Amazon? Would love to get it so I can follow along with your meal preps! :)

  2. Smh..don't see how you don't have a boyfriend. You are too cute and made me laugh. Just started meal prepping again and it's going great. Holla at me if you need me to touch the chicken! ??

  3. hi!! so quick question! what if I weigh over 200lbs, do I still follow your protein rule?? thanks! really love following you, you're great and funny! ????

  4. My husband and I just prepped the black bean and ground turkey meal. OMG! So yummy! Thank you for posting this!!

  5. Hey thank for this video! I get overwhelmed sometimes when trying to meal prep! Please if you can do more of this stuff! Love it!!! Thank you! Makes my on fit journey a little easier!!!!

  6. Nice and simple. But what is this turkey in a Pillsbury style package? Must be an American thing…….cuz I've never seen this before!

  7. well, I dont eat meat so my container would be tons of rice, tons of beans and veggies, no time for scales probably I should :P, meat or not Is still hard for me to keep food fresh in containers for more than two days, specialy if it has beans or garbanzo, lentils are ok

  8. Carolina De Francisco Rojas October 29, 2016 at 8:31 am - Reply

    Making life simple ? wish I can cook as fast as you. I am soooo picky with my food it bothers me ??

  9. Idk what I'm doing wrong, but if I keep fresh food in the fridge for over 3 days it usually get all soaked and …well, not so fresh.

  10. Younique by Kimberly October 29, 2016 at 8:31 am - Reply

    I've prepped all these meals and let me just say they were all delicious!!! I just finished prepping the chicken and peppers and onions one and yall it's phenomenal!!! Great job Whit! I love your channel and your energy it's contagious!! keep up the great work!! ???????❤❤❤❤??????????

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