3 QUICK & SIMPLE Chicken Recipes | Fixing Dinner

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28 thoughts on “3 QUICK & SIMPLE Chicken Recipes | Fixing Dinner

  1. For the first recipe, can I use something besides soy sauce, I have hyperthyroid and soy is a no, no. Thank you in advance.

  2. To avoid discarding excess crumbs because they got contaminated, why not set some crumbs aside in a second bowl, and scoop some from that bowl into the breading bowl as needed?

  3. Just a question for you, not related to this video (love your videos by the way): what are your tips or tricks for giving up artificial sweeteners ?

  4. Lol love the fact that you shared your mistake …. not always perfect !!! These look so delicious i will be giving them a they

  5. I just made the lime and honey chicken; turned up the heat by adding some finely chopped chillies. It looked so visually inviting in the pan and it was delicious! Such a great weeknight meal using ingredients l already had in the cupboard and fridge; all l had to do was buy the chicken drumsticks! Thank you so much!

  6. This was delish, thank you. I made the chicken capresse. First time ever and it was amazing!!! I wish I could add a picture, but trust me, it was ALL THAT!!!!

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