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  1. You look tired man, did you hit the Keto flu by any chance? Good vids btw, I've been watching all your videos ever since I found your channel. Great content and easy healthy recipes

  2. Hey man love the show you have been a big help especially for snacks pre/post workout. Just want to know what is a good replacement for tuna, can't stand it from a can, I have seen canned chicken but wasn't sure about it. Thanks man and keep up the good work

  3. dude, your channel needs way more views and subs .. i've already been sharing and am part of the notification squad. 🙂 keep it up brother!

  4. Love your recipes but could you do a few non-keto ones. I understand that your dieting but I'm still trying to put on muscle so I need carbs. Keep up the awesome content and the consistency

  5. Hey Chef, long time fan. Just wanted to offer some constructive criticism about this video. I really feel like the first 2 of the three recipes were really lame. First one was just a pre-made salad with tuna, and the second involved over-process deli meats. I bet they taste awesome, but they feel low quality compared to what I usually find from your channel.

    Keep up the good work, and remember: everything in moderation.

    P.S. Just dawned on me I haven't seen your dog in a while…everything okay there?

  6. Number 2 looks good as a quick snack, definitely having it tomorrow. Gonna make it with italian herbs and slices of turkey.

  7. Great videos! I have a question, what are the healthiest sources for saturated fat? And how much should I consume during the day? Please 🙂

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