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29 thoughts on “3 Low Calorie and Low Carb Lunch Recipes

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  4. Thank you for your video. I was looing for a few low carb meals to add into my week. I don't eat low carb all the time, but it's nice to change up the menu.

  5. If your going to eat these foods then you may as well eat nothing , carbs and calories are fuel , don't expect to travel far if you only fill your car 1/4 up. These foods should be a side , not a main.

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  9. If you cut your lettuce with a plastic knife or tear by hand, your lettuce will not turn brown as fast. Pretty important if you're making a week's worth of meals, which it appears that you're doing.

  10. The way you use your knife and hold your fingers makes me cringe. Be sure to tuck in your fingers so you dont cut yourself.

  11. Could you please tell me what was the first ingredient in the dressing for your first recipe, I'm from the UK and am not familiar with it xx

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