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41 thoughts on “3 High Protein Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss | Skinny Recipes

  1. സംഭവം കളറായിണ്ട്.. പക്ഷെ വിവരിച്ച് കൊണ്ടുളള അവതരണമായിരുന്നു മനസിലാക്കാന്‍ എളുപ്പം..

  2. Hello mam… i really got mesmerized 😍 by your creativity in making healthy n tasty recipes…i wish you also make much more healthy breakfast n lunch recipes for proper weight gain ….thank you..😊

  3. I especially loved the third recipe winter we use peas &fresh coriander instead of spinach to make our green khichadi..

  4. Seriously it's for loose weight or gain weight everything is just so tempting that I can eat everything and gain weight 😉😘😘

  5. While showing recipes show calories also 1 cup rice becomes 2cups after cooked this rice contained more than 400 calres. ,biased person can't eat sorry!

  6. Hello Nisha ji…..ive tried ur rice recipe twice….and trust me its the simplest, tastiest and healthiest Rice ever⭐⭐ Lots of love to u🌺

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