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  1. Does anyone know where to get the frozen acai? I saw it a few videos back that she used to make the smoothie bowl.

  2. zucchini pasta #1, stuffed sweet potato #2, & quinoa salad #3 but all three are totally delicious recipes that I will use! Thank you Rawvana! I love your videos and just discovered your channel recently. I am a three year vegan and a trained raw vegan chef. Cheers and continued success to you!

  3. Crazy how people now days are so spoiled and care free, that they can knit pick what to eat, and boycott luxuries.

  4. i love the zucchini noodles I have been searching for a good recipe. Love it. Sweet potatoes is definitely down home. you make look so easy. I can DO THIS!!!

  5. I love your positive vibe and your recipes look delicious, subscribed for sure!! will definitly try the sweet potato one soon yummy

  6. grrr-eat recipe ideas! A healthy restaurant near my home refers to the zucchini spirals as, "zoodles" and are quite popular!!! If you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond, you can most likely find the spiral maker there and use your 20% off coupon you get in the mail. You can sign up to receive discounts on your phone and order directly online from BB&B also!

  7. Zane (Ragin_Pacifist) December 6, 2016 at 12:26 pm - Reply

    I eat so much meat but all your recipes look amazing!!!! definitely want to eat healthier! thanks for inspiring me!

  8. I come back to this channel from time to time in the hope that you've stopped trying to be Fully Raw Kristina. I think you've eliminated about 70% of her now. Thank God! You have so much going for you, beautiful with an intelligent demeanor as opposed to "Her" Totally irritating squeaky, vacuous, inauthentic nonsense – so why dumb yourself down to be like that? There aren't many of us English people who can stand that "Whiney American" drivel, we prefer our presenters to have more gravitas. Keep being You! I'm re subbing xxx

  9. my brand new spiraliser just arrived from amazon. can't wait to try it. think I'll try that first followed by the guac sweet potato. love your simple recipes and the tahini dressing idea.

  10. Great great job all your yummies are great. Thank you very much for sharing and opening our eyes to wonderful food. Gob bless you. You are the BEST.

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