3 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone | Breakfast, Snack, & Beach Body Prep | Sanne Vloet

My Current Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipes For You | Quick Breakfast Smoothie Ideas, What To Snack On When On The Run, & What Model’s Take Post …

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46 thoughts on “3 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone | Breakfast, Snack, & Beach Body Prep | Sanne Vloet

  1. I love how much effort you put in your videos, for example the texts and exact measurements in the info box 😍 And your recipes are soo good, i made your spinach smoothie bowl soo often 🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Can't wait to try these! I also just followed your food instagram and turned on notifications for it!! I'm so excited about it!

  3. i love all your food videos! honestly, i think you should open a healthy-eating restaurant 😉 also ur outfit is so so cute today and always (:

  4. Hi Sanne! I love your videos so much❤️ could you maybe film some fashion videos because i love your style😍

  5. I love making smoothies so thank you for sharing these recipes, the smoothies look so delicious 😍🤤
    I really like your videos😊🙏🏻

  6. heeee ik vind je video’s echt geweldigg! je bent mijn motivatie om gezond te leven 😉 Een heeel klein tipje om je engels nog beter te maken: ‘as well’ spreek jij een beetje uit als ‘as wol’ (wol alsin stof) maar ‘well’ wordt gewoon uitgesproken als ‘wel’ (ik voel me wel goed)

  7. 1) I make smoothie bowls for breakfast, but with these recipes, I'll definitely make the smoothies as a drink/snack as well! 2) I've started 4 weeks ago with working out 3-4 times a week + eating healthy for my bikini-ready body! 3) videos with inspo on pre/post work-out snacks / meals would be so nice! 4) my goal is to feel comfortable in a bikini. Not to be like a fitgirl or to have abs, but just to feel comfortable in my own skin. Your videos (especially the last one on confidence) really helps me! I love your videos, they motivate me, and you as a person motivate me! THANKS! <3

  8. Hi Sanne, I tried the frozen greens trick to get rid of the taste a little bit, and it works like a charm! Definitely going to try some of these recipes too, they sound delicious! Thank you so much for the helpful tips!

  9. I love videos where you share with us your recipes😘 Thank u a lot. I've never try smoothies before. But i will try that banana blueberry one asap

  10. Yes salt in the avo/ chocolate smoothie makes it so much yummier! 💕 💕
    Thanks for sharing lovely have you tryed pink dragon fruit it's a beautiful bright purple pinky fruit! I buy frozen bags so so good and more antioxidants than blueberrys! ♥

  11. Where do you get your glass jars from? The ones that you pour your smoothies into. they're so cute and handy!

  12. I love your healthy food videos. Great inspiration and I love your approach to food too! Thanks for adding the ingredients to the description I really appreciate that too. Please make more clean recipe videos ❤️

  13. I love how much effort you put into writing the description box! You are probably the only one who does that and I really appreciate reading that, so thank you! And also I really love your recipes. To answer your questions: I usually use coconut milk mixed with 3/4 strawberries, 1 Banana, honey and some ice! I already started getting ready for summer a few months ago because I think it's a long process and we can leave it at the few weeks before the actual summer time. I'd love to watch some fresh recipes for lunch! Hope you have a good day and a good week. xx

  14. My go to smoothie has one banana, some frozen blueberries, some fresh spinach, a squeeze of lemon, a scoop of sprouted ground seeds, a heaping teaspoon of almond butter and one cup of almond milk. Sometimes I add in one half of avocado and sometimes I make it with choc almond milk. I love it!!😊yummy (seriously interested in the coconut peanut butter). Love how healthy you are and sharing 💛

  15. Watching you prepare these smoothies after my long day outside under the sun 🌞🔥 feels refreshing too. 😁💞💞

  16. Do you freeze your own Kale and Spinach? Should I be freezing my own Kale and Spinach? Has anyone else seen frozen Kale and Spinach in the frozen section?

  17. I love your all video ! Especially your vlog and eating healthy video 😍 your lifestyle is soooooooooo great !

  18. Thanks for sharing! I always learn something new from you 🙂

    My typical morning smoothie:
    – 1 frozen banana
    – Frozen berries
    – Frozen mango
    – Frozen kale
    – Almond Milk / Water
    – Chia seeds
    – Flax
    – Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Protein powder
    – Oats
    – Alkalizing greens powder
    – Nutritional yeast
    – Pumpkin seeds
    – Almond butter

  19. My summer goal is to looking for a college scholarship for gymnastics. What is your goal Sanne?💗🌟

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