3 Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes | Better Breakfasts

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22 thoughts on “3 Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes | Better Breakfasts

  1. Masala omlette is a simple indian version. Eggs- diced onion- green chillies- turmeric pinch- coriander leaves-salt to taste-into a hot pan- scramble / omlette your choice. Enjoy!!
    Its a nutritious street food too..👍👍💖

  2. Thank you for your channel and teaching us new ideas and great healthy alternatives. In your recipes you use fresh herbs, was wondering what the conversion would be for dry herbs? example 1 tsp fresh oregano …..= ( ? tsp dry oregano ) Thank you 🙂 love your puns and great spirit 😀

  3. Can you all please stop praising protein. In eggs are healthy fats, very important for balancing hormones, good skin and not spiking your blood sugar level. Protein is also needed in a good healthy diet, but can we not forget about good carbs and good fats?!

  4. Eww…I couldn’t eat broccoli, kale or salad for breakfast..plus it going to be literally raw and not even warm slightly because the eggs don’t take long to cook. Not for me these recipes.

  5. for those who are into meal preping… it is possible to caramelize those onions before and keep them in the fridge. makes is close to no work in the morning…

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