3 Healthy Salad Recipes That Actually Taste AMAZING | Healthy Meal Plans

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50 thoughts on “3 Healthy Salad Recipes That Actually Taste AMAZING | Healthy Meal Plans

  1. Such a beautiful belly 🤰🏼 … I love broccoli slaw thanks for the recipe and the fig salad looks divine but any salad with avocado is approved by me

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you have any alternative ways to flavor food without a bunch of salt, I can't eat salt all that much nor can my Grandmother..and bland food is just..yuck.

  3. One of my favorite ways to use pomegranate molasses is to add a bit to hummus along with some finely chopped parsley! Makes a very fresh and flavorful hummus

  4. Healthy when are you due IAM so excited you are having a baby eating healthy good for you and baby love avacado wish they last longer can I freeze them after ? Any ideas would be welcome

  5. fit and beautiful heart reads April 14, 2019 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    I love the salads… I just always wonder how I can substitute the kale because you can only get fresh kale here around the end of the year for about two weeks and then it's out of season again… 🙄

  6. The website is a wonderful idea, but it needs some improvement. First, I hope a phone app of it will be created soon. Second, I didn't see an option for low-carb or diabetic-friendly meals. Also, heart-healthy meals would be a helpful addition. Thanks!

  7. Absolutely perfect timing on my end to decide to eat healthier as you come out with a VERY handy website!! All Stars Aligned!! Thank you and Congrats on your baby!

    PS.. many years following.. stayed for the recipes AND the Puns!!

  8. I love the different shapes of your belly between videos. Unfortunately different shapes means more bathroom breaks

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