3 Healthy On The Go Breakfast Ideas/Recipes

Hope you guys enjoy these 3 very simple, healthy, & easy on the go breakfast ideas! If you’d like me to re-create a lunch or dinner version comment below!

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44 thoughts on “3 Healthy On The Go Breakfast Ideas/Recipes

  1. Can you please make a video about how you lost wait from day 1 and what you did each month as you came closer to you goals.

  2. As soon as I watched this I went out and got the waffles and I toasted them, they’re not the best tasting, I just added a bit up syrup but maybe adding fruit and peanut butter would be better but yeah, like a 4/10 for me 😂 I got 2 boxes so I’ll experiment 👍🏻

  3. Hey can you do a video about fasting like for instance i work out at 5 am how long do you recommend someone wait to break the fast ? Can you discuss the post work out window ? And can u give me your best input on how often you do this and how long ? I try to aim for 16/8 but hard when i work long days and can get my last meal in till 6pm so tech my fast would end by 7 pm and to do a 16 /8 or 14 /8 i would have to eat by 9 am on the 14 or 11 on the 16 but i work out 5 am so i wouldnt be eating 4-5 hours from work out ?

  4. This video was so helpful coz I need breakfast ideas especially since I’m doing exams 😂 love your clothes 💕

  5. Dang that looks so good 😛 I think the waffles will be my favorite too haha :p but yes please make more videos like this! Esp lunch because I have to eat lunch on campus :3

  6. Sweatersteacandles Xo March 25, 2019 at 11:52 am - Reply

    omg plssssss make a lunch &dinner one!!!! i find it so hard to pack lunch or dinner bc i’m so tired during the day 😩😩

  7. Do you make any fitness videos of your workouts and such? I follow you on Instagram! Just looking for workout tips!

  8. Omg!! I dont know why but somehow you look like a mix of another two youtuber which is @nicolettaxo & @nataliebarbu. I keep on seeing them in you. Crazy!!!!!

  9. could you do a on the go lunch ideas? i have school and have to pack a lunch. love your videos sooooo much💞💞 such an inspiration

  10. Love this! Can you do a Keto or just low carb recipes for lunch/dinner
    This gymshark outfit also looks so cute 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  11. I struggle so much with lunch. For some reason I can’t figure out easy enough, healthy meals to make. Would love to see a lunch vid!

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