3 Healthy Lunch Ideas!

My 3 favourite healthy lunch recipes for the summertime! If you have any suggestions or requests for future recipe videos, let me know in the comments!

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47 thoughts on “3 Healthy Lunch Ideas!

  1. YUM! ❤️ 
    I didn't realise someone was cooking in my house as I watched this and had a strange moment where I thought smellovision had been invented without my knowledge…

  2. Please do a pasta salad recipe! I loved this video it was so helpful for us people who still have to take a packed lunch to school. I love you Fleur xxx

  3. I watched this thinking it'd have loads of awkward or expensive ingredients but ended up making a variation of the raw courgette salad the same day and it was delicious! It's so handy to see easy, fast and affordable recipes that offer a refreshing change to my normal healthy food staples, especially as a student on a tight budget. Thanks Fleur, will definitely be trying them all! Xxx

  4. Great video fleur. Ive been trying to eat more healthily recently so will be trying out some of these recipies. Especially the prawns xxx

  5. I'm so happy you showed some vegetarian recipies as well! This doesn't happen often and I always have to think of meat substitutions… I've never been a fan of soups but this one looks so amazing! I will surly try it, thanks for sharing!! xx

  6. These look delicious! And its nice to see a healthy recipe video that is actually healthy. Haha. Too many unhealthy "healthy videos" out there.

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