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30 thoughts on “3 Healthy + Easy Lunch Ideas For Work & School!

  1. The Bible says be in the world not of the world. I am a Christian and I also do yoga for the exercise/ stretching benefits only. It was also a great physio after my knee surgery. I am not interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga. Great video and God bless.

  2. How is the wrap not soggy by the time you eat it at school or work? I stopped making sandwiches and wraps for that reason. Most stuff just went soggy! I make salads and pastas now

  3. its ridiculous that she had to go as far as defending her choice to do yoga. Theres nothing wrong with adapting different attitudes or practices from other religions if it makes you happy and confident. it doesnt change your religious affiliation, it just means you are exploring different aspects that are helpful to you. Its not a crime and nor it is considered sinful in many religions as long as it does not conflict with key practices of your religious affiliation. People need to learn to keep an open mind and accept that its okay to branch out a bit. theres something new and positive to be learned in any religion! Give love and be loved xo

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