3 Healthy Dinner Ideas | Dinner Made Easy

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33 thoughts on “3 Healthy Dinner Ideas | Dinner Made Easy

  1. wow.. not only do I love your cute little face and cheerful personality, I absolutely love your recipes.. just started watching them and they're all fantastic.. I will continue to watch and be a fan.. and oh.. congrats on the award, sorry I wasn't watching in time to vote.. but hurray to you

  2. Thank you for sharing these recipes! You are inspiring me with some great new dinner ideas. And the prep doesn't take very long – which is nice after a long day at work. Tonight we had the taco stuffed peppers and they were delicious! (the parboiled pepper tip was very helpful). Thanks again! I look forward to more great videos to come.

  3. AnimeIsLoveBTSIsLifeAndJHopeIsHope BiasWrecker May 18, 2017 at 10:40 pm - Reply

    I want to become a vegetarian (sorry can't stop my love for cottage cheese and eggs) and these kind of channels really help! Thanks a lot!

  4. Wow, love this video. Such great ideas with zuchini, portebello, and bell peppers.. You have the best cooking ideas. I like that you use simple ingredients that are easy to get. Love that your videos are short, straight forward and easy to follow. Unlike other videos that are too long and take forever to get to the point/cooking.

  5. Totally gaining weight (it's a kind of psychic attack *sitchie) and this totally looks almost vegan and totally more healthy. Metaphysical thank you!

  6. These are beautiful! I still eat pizza even though I'm vegetarian but it is so helpful to have a recipe that gets rid of the dead crusty dough. (They could even make the dough multigrain those cheap buttholes!) And mmmmmmm! the portobello! Metaphysically Appreciating and Evolving!

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