3 Healthy Desserts That Are DELISH! | keto, low carb, paleo recipes

3 healthy dessert recipes that are keto low carb and paleo desserts ! HEALTHY DESSERTS PLAYLIST: bit.ly/healthydessertplaylist …

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23 thoughts on “3 Healthy Desserts That Are DELISH! | keto, low carb, paleo recipes

  1. Can you make some recipes lower in fats ? Not only keto friendly ? Such as healthy Cookies and brownies that are more balanced in terms of macro ?

  2. You helpfully added the fat and carb content for the recipes in the description box but didn't include the overall Kcal. Please can you include next time?

  3. These look SO GOOD ❤️❤️

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  4. omg i love your healthy dessert vids so much they’re literally the only think getting me through lent (i gave up processed sweets and most unnecessary added sugars)

  5. These look AMAZING 🤤🤤🤤 the fact that these treats can have such clean ingredients in them blows my mind haha 🙌🏼 even my last video was a healthy cookie dough recipe (pretty sure it was keto as well) and I’m already out of that so I’m DEFINITELY going to make some of these 😍😍

  6. Wow!! I honestly thought that if I did Keto I would have to give up sweets completely. That's why I have never wanted to even try it because I love sweets! All your recent recipes have gotten me into wanting to try it, I know it's not sustainable but I've seen people lose weight on it FAST and that's why I want then go back to my regular diet and maintain my weight. I will be trying these recipes soon! 🤤🤤 Thanks Liv! 🤗

  7. I am making the brownies later, been in desperate need of some healthy keto desserts! thanks for making this video ❤

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