3 Healthy Chicken Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

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47 thoughts on “3 Healthy Chicken Recipes | Dinner Made Easy

  1. Just tried the chicken fingers recipe and it was amazing!! Love the sauce and the quinoa makes the chicken so crispy. YUM

  2. Do the chicken fingers freeze well? They'd be nice to make ahead of time and cook when you don't have a lot of time to make dinner!

  3. hi the chicken w/rice noodles looks delicious, but I noticed that the written recipe is different from what you demonstrated. like the demonstrated version better than the written recipe.

  4. You couldn't peck out a single pun from all the hen-ious possibilities? What a poultry effort! I hope you don't run this a-fowl of all your recipes when trying to name them! What about Buckin' Baked Fineapple Fowl […Do Canadian/American chickens also go "buck buck buuuuuuuck"?]?

  5. Chicken fingers/tenders/strips are always tricky though one would think they'd be easy. It's hard to make them crispy versus soggy. When doing the breading process, it works well to keep one hand for the wet stuff and the other for the dry…

  6. Thank you for your inspiration. I like the quinoa idea instead of bread. If I use different flower it will be gluten free. I have to try it!!!

  7. I love your videos. But can you say substitutes when using honey please? In my country it is very difficult to find affordable honey 🙁 I can do maple syrup though! Can it always be used as a substitute?

  8. Can you make the chicken fingers ahead on the weekend and freeze them? Would the quinoa hold up to being cooked from frozen in the oven?

  9. Thank you for all these amazing unique creative recipes. I love them💞 And my sugestion for new recipes: Thai food in healthy way.

  10. oh god love them all😍 love to watch ur videos i always make this crispy chicken by deep frying it and it tastes good but have lots of calories as well. i will definitely give ur recipe a try😊

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