3 Healthy Breakfast Parfaits | Better Breakfasts

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34 thoughts on “3 Healthy Breakfast Parfaits | Better Breakfasts

  1. What the best way to eat at lunch time it the best way to eat oatmeal at night are can I eat at night but I don't like your yougert what I can put extra milk in

  2. hi! these look absolutely amazing and so delicious! I was wondering how long they would keep in the fridge if you made them for a weekly meal prep? While weekly meal prep is in my mind, i think it would be very helpful to students and people who are very busy in the morning plan their food for the day ahead of time and i think it would be great if you did a weekly meal prep video. I love your work!

  3. If God is for us Who can be against us? February 15, 2017 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    Wonderful Recipe ideas!!! My six year old and I love to watch your videos! Keep up the great work! XOXO

  4. man you've given me such inspiration!! im fairly new but im SO glad i found your channel!!! <3

    the only thing is that whenever you stuff your mason jars up i go crazy :') i know its just for show but the impracticality!!! (at least for me im pretty messy)

  5. Travel Fanatics Vacations February 15, 2017 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    The apple pie inspired option looks like a winner! I have to try that out. Healthy food that tastes like dessert is a win-win. Thanks.

  6. I love your channel. Ive been wanting to eat alot healthier just not happy .. Ive lost 82 pounds but Im at a stand still after the holidays and its cold outside. Happy I found your channel..

  7. The Domestic Geek, hi! I'm your fan only one week, but I must say that your recipes are the best dishes in the world!! The yogurt parfeè was so yummy today morning. Your smoothies are unbelievable and crazy!!! I love you and want more and more new videos))

  8. I love all of your videos and get excited when I see something new in the subscription box. I follow a ketogenic lifestyle which means that I dont have more than 20 net carbs per day. I would love to see a series dedicated to us low-carbers who are following this way of eating whether it be for weight loss or just overall health. If anybody can come up with some keto friendly deliciousness, I know it's you. Thank you again for all of your yummy treats

  9. I just tried the chocolate one minus the bananas, peanut butter, and peanuts cause I wanted to keep my sugars, fats and carbs low. it was still soo good, thanks. I have some pb2. I think next time I'll add that for variation.

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