3 HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS (Plant Based & Paleo) | Quick & Easy Recipes

3 HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS (Plant Based & Paleo) | Quick & Easy Recipes Homemade granola recipe: …

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26 thoughts on “3 HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS (Plant Based & Paleo) | Quick & Easy Recipes

  1. These actually look so good I want to give it a try! Especially using sweet potato as toast! Also I just came across your channel and I love your content!! I only just started my channel but would be so amazing if you would support a YouTube just starting up!💗💗 keen to watch more of your videos!

  2. Omg This food is Gorgeousits alwys so good to come back to your channel i really need your channel in my life ,thank you so much beautiful one for being here!❤︎<3❤︎((^,^((xo

  3. Just woke up few minutes ago & its 7:58 AM now here in Indonesia 💁🏻 directly watch ur 🎬 ~ voilà!!! I've already have ideas for my breakfast ✨ ~thx Sophie 💐💐

  4. That's such a great idea to use a sweet potato instead of bread! I'll have to try it 🌞 thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful and colourful brrakfast ideas! 💃❤

  5. Jacqui Elizabeth April 7, 2019 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    Wow the sweet potato toast looks so cool and unique I’ve never seen it before!! Will definitely be trying all of these out xx 🌟 ps I’m doing to 8 week fitness/health challenge alongside you!! We’ll see how it goes hahaha

  6. Honestly could see myself having any of these that any part of the day if I wanted to 🙂 thank you for sharing! Your aesthetic is amazing.

  7. Amazing video, I love all these breakfast ideas! It's morning here in Europe so I'm trying this smoothie bowl now 😋

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