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  1. Hi, i was watching one of your vegan comeback videos and i was wondering how to respond when someone says "Even if you go vegetarian/vegan, someone else will take that dead animal you could have eaten" Because i hear that a lot. Thanks x

  2. I had something similar to the last tomato bean toast at brother Hubbard in Dublin, they were happy to alter it to make it vegan for me 🙂 they served it on a bed of spinach with the bread on the side ?

  3. If you're not fond of the texture of chia seeds in your pudding, you can also grind them up in the blender too. Same thickness, much smoother. Yum!

  4. Your voice is so soothing and these recipes are bomb! We definitely have similar taste buds:) Wish I could visit you in London!

  5. How do you eat so much sugar in the morning? I'd literally be shaking if I drank that gingerbread thing. Its a desert!! Same with that oatmeal. The chickpea thing looks perfect thought.

  6. I will be trying the gingerbread chia pudding as soon as I get some ripe bananas! I love your recipe ideas, Brianna, do more videos like this!

  7. they all look so yummy, i really wanna try out the chia pudding so i will go to the market and buy some ingredients…

  8. UHHHH I have to try that gingerbread chia pudding that looks delicious! And that oatmeal OMG! thanks for the inspiration my dear, you're always so creative with your recipes, I love it! ?

  9. hi Brianna! love this video, I was wondering what you think of Nik's latest video's. He ate eggs and sardines.. I want to hear what you think of it since you guys are good friends.

  10. Oh… I love the chickpea one! I've been craving savoury things a lot more lately, so I' might give it a try. :)

  11. these recipes look so delicious but super ripped bananas are way too soggy in my opinion so I will only use a slightly brown spotted banana because those bananas are my favorite can you please do more vegan recipes I quite enjoy them

  12. something similiar to the tropical oatmeal is one of my faves for more than a year now but I like to make my porridge with blueberry-coconut milk and top it with passionfruit, chia seeds, goji berries and a tbsp pureed mango and the rest of the mango puree I mix with soy yogurt and it's the best thing ever to dip the oatmeal into the yogurt ?

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