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28 thoughts on “3 Easy Healthy Lunch Bowls – School & Work Lunch Ideas – MissLizHeart

  1. What kind of bowl is that, the one used to mix up the gaucomole, I've been wanting one for a while but I never new the name

  2. How old are you!?? I love all your videos. you have your home and life so well put together, I love it! thanks for sharing.

  3. please help me in this.. i am not fat i can't be fat at body is normal or u can say slim…not that much.. but i don't have tge perfect shape.. i don't know what kind of diet i should go on…

  4. These are all great recipes! Mostly when I watch these "easy lunch idea" videos, they're pizza of some sort, badly chopped vegetables, and lunches that I don't think anyone would stay active on for long (if you're not like, 5 and doesn't move a lot). These I will save for later and take some bits and bobs from to try at home, so thank you!!

  5. I love your videos ! I really struggle with eating, I bounce from anorexia to binge eating but watching your videos make me realise what a joy food is again ! X thank you so much ! P.s your so pretty !

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