3 EASY & Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Pancakes, Granola Cups, Scrambled Eggs

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39 thoughts on “3 EASY & Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Pancakes, Granola Cups, Scrambled Eggs

  1. First of all I wish I could eat like you secondly me and avocado 🥑 aren’t friends they always spoil when I’m ready for them they never look like yours 😩😩 whyyyyy what to do you’re avocados look so fresh

  2. That was sooo inspiring – as always! 😉 This scrambled eggs I definitely need to try! It is such a shame that Danone does not sell these 100% natural yogurts in Hungary. 🙁 Basically we need to hunt for natural things… Thank you for sharing!

  3. I will make the granola cups for me and my oldest son, the pancakes for my daughter and eggs for my youngest son 🙂

  4. Recipes look good. But it really threw me off that you are partnering up with such an evil company. Just because they finally have a line of more healthy products (which is only following the current trend), doesn't exempt them from their crimes. You are trying your best to do the planet good, so I hoped you'd be more concerned about your partnerships.

  5. Hey Nicole
    These and all recipes you show are always amazing.
    I just wanted to bring a small thing to your notice: as per Ayurveda one should not heat Honey as it releases some toxins when heated. Please do read and do some research upon it… just a suggestion….
    I love all your recipes and every the meal peeps. It helps a lot when I m super busy and want to quickly make home food get going,,….
    Keep uploading.
    Priyanka Kanhare

  6. Healthy breakfast ideas with eggs and dairy… Sad to see this. Full of cholesterol and hormones and saturated fat. Not healthy.

  7. Before I gave up dairy, I would eat Greek yogurt out of that mega container the EXACT same way except I would dump cinnamon, cacao, Stevia, and peanut butter inside. SUCH A FREAKING TREAT.

  8. I’m always looking for new breakfast ideas, so thank you for these! Can’t wait to try them all. Those mini cups are so cute and look so yummy 😋

  9. The granola cups are lovely! They came out very sweet so I topped them with unsweetened coconut yogurt. Delicious! Thank you!

  10. It just threw me every time you pronounced it Dah-none. In the US it is pronounced Dan-nin and spelled without the e. Dang English is hard lol.

  11. How do you keep a balanced diet without swinging too far in one direction or over eating? I’m coming off of a diet soon and I want to do so with healthy food and keep that going but how do you do it long term for someone who doesn’t know the basics of how much is too much or not enough

  12. Hi..BeAutiful.fur.baby.mama🌷🐶

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